Case Study: How to Write a Powerful Landing Page Tagline

November 24, 2020

It was probably a week ago. My husband (host of Developer to Manager) and me were out walking our dog. That's usually the time of the day when we bounce off ideas, strategies and discuss roadblocks. That particular day, I was somehow wondering about how I could track my habits. If there was a way to see how I'm doing on my habit goals without having to write a diary or logging information into my phone.

Why am I telling you this? Because funnily the same day, the founder of Habyte sent me (as if he overheard my conversation :) ) on IndieHackers where I asked founders to share their taglines and elevator pitches in exchange for my feedback.

Let's see what feedback I gave them!

How to Write Powerful Landing Page Taglines

Here's what I've done. Check it out, think about it, make your own notes. I'll give a few hints below the image.

How to Write Powerful Landing Page Copy

The landing page tagline is THE most important copy on your website. Your audience has to understand within seconds what you do, how you do it and how they will benefit from it. It should be uplifting, motivating and should spark a desire.

How to Write Landing Page Copy Step-by-Step

Step 1: Understand the goal of your tagline

If someone is willing to use a habit tracker, their goal is probably to break old habits, create new and better ones and then stick to them. What makes us not stick to habits? If they're easy to abandon. So, the desire Habyte should spark is a way of staying on a habit streak. It should convey that with Habyte it's easy to stick to whatever habit you set your mind on.

Step 2: Keep your audience in mind

Make sure you're writing the copy for your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and try to find words, everyone can understand. Don't be too technical, if your audience isn't only for techies. In Habyte's case, I've exchanged technical words like 'progress logging' to 'Habyte' is tracking for you.

Step 3: Rethink your action statements

Make sure your action statements are true. Landing page taglines often state actions that sound catchy, but either don't describe what the customer is really getting or just don't make sense in general. This is a very common mistake. In Habyte's tagline I found two action statements that don't do justice to the amazing technology they are developing. 'Push your limits' is a combination of Step 1-3. If I want to track my habits, does that mean I want to push myself to the limits? Probably not. The audience rather wants to adopt and stick to their habits. Also, the app itself doesn't push the user to the limits. That's why I took this out completely, and exchanged it with a goal statement. Another action statement case is 'automate your habits'. Habyte doesn't automate a customer's habits, but rather automates the tracking. That's why took that out as well.

Step 4: Make it specific

A very common mistake is to use generic words. But often we only have a few seconds to wow the customer, those are the few seconds he or she is reading the landing page tagline. That being said, our job is to make that tagline as specific as possible. If you already have one, exchange every vague word with a more specific one.

That's it! If you want me to analyze your landing page copy as well, reach out!

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