How I've Learned to Tackle the Up's & Down's of Starting a Business

November 4, 2020

It's been exactly 2 months since I started my own business and this is what I have learned so far:

Learning 1: Hit the pause button & reflect

Over the last two months, I
1. wrote a book:
2. recorded an online course:
3. re-designed my website (twice!)
4. helped wonderful people stand out and pitch themselves successfully:
5. became a mentor on MentorCruise & 1000Hires
6. started cooking up a nice LinkedIn LIVE show (will start Nov 12th)
7. drafted a podcast outline
8. published new content twice a week
9. and met tons of great people across the globe through QuadMeets &

...and still, it didn't feel enough. I kept thinking I should be less lazy and do more. I was impatient, wanted to make everything go through the roof from day one.

But then I hit the pause button. I started reflecting on the achievements I've already made. And they're indeed many. There's no harm in admitting that.

The same counts for yourself. If you don't believe you're unique, hit the pause button right now and remind yourself of how amazing you are and how far you've come already!

  1. Think about your values and skills, and how they shape who you are.
  2. Think about all your achievements and the things you've initated and carried through (never underestimate the strength of dedication!)
  3. Think about all the lives you've touched already, simply because of who you are and what you're capable of.

The road to a great pitch is confidence. You have to believe in yourself, your uniqueness, your personality and skills. If you don't, how should others? But the best thing is, simplying being yourself already makes you unique. Our job, creating the perfect pitch is highlighting that uniqueness strategically in a concise way to the people who matter.

Learning 2: Go online & network

Obviously, a big part of my business is connecting with people. It's a bit harder during COVID, since there aren't any physical events to go to. On the other hand it's also much easier. Especially since my business is worldwide.

However, apart from networking and connecting with people to acquire customers, I've noticed that connecting with people has steepened my learning curve. Simply by interacting with multiple people from different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, nations and industries, I was able to

  1. collect valuable feedback on what the real problems are that people struggle with and how different they actually are
  2. refine my target group and narrow it down even more (I've already started with a niche in the first place!)

Networking online also opened up a lot of opportunities for collaborations, such as my upcoming LinkedIn LIVE show.

Some of the biggest fears I've noticed people having in relation to putting themselves out there is a lack of confidence and the fear to say something wrong, to receive contradictory and rude comments or to get rejected for their views. That's exactly where building a personal pitch and brand helps, because it gives you a clear guideline and framework of how to communicate. A framework that is fully aligned with who you are. The one feedback I've received from all my clients so far has been: 'This really helped me with my confidence.'

These are the two biggest learnings I've had so far.

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