How to Do Personal Branding if You’re Wearing a Million Hats (+ 3 bulletproof tips!)

October 28, 2020

Are you one of the incredible people who do a lot of things really well? A lot of things in different domains that don’t have a clear connection with each other?

And are you maybe also one of those people who are somehow struggling with this?

Then, you’re not alone.

This is one thing almost everyone one of my clients is struggling with. How can you bring all these skills and hats together and combine them under one big hat - your personal brand?

It feels impossible in the beginning. But I promise you, it’s not. It’s actually very easy.

The reason a lot of us are struggling with this is, because we’re approaching the problem the wrong way. We’re thinking about the different hats and then try to build a brand for each hat.

Of course that doesn’t work. A ‘personal brand’ is not a thing or product you build and sell. Doing personal branding essentially means doing self-marketing - marketing yourself. Which is promoting yourself, your strengths and skills.

A personal brand in that case is then that you highlight your authentic strengths and skills that are relevant to the particular hat.

You’re not building multiple brands, you’re just highlighting different aspect of your personality.

And that is the whole clue. So, how we actually have to approach personal branding for various hats is from the inside out.

3 steps to do personal branding effectively

1. Download this the value sheet on my website (it’s free). Go through the 150 values and choose 10 that resonate the most with you. Then prioritise those 10 values. The top five values should be values that guide and influence every decision you’re making. To keep yourself in check in terms of choosing authentic values and values that are really natural to you, make sure that you’re writing an example for each value. As in, which decision did this value influence and how.
2. Now write down your major skills. To do that, look at your CV, LinkedIn page, ‘About’ section or wherever else you write about your skills and prioritize them in the following way:
1. Which of these skills can you confidently deliver today?
2. Which of these skills need a little freshening up?
3. Which of these skills are listed, even though you’re not really proficient in them?
Be brutally honest to yourself here. No one is listening. Whatever you admit here is between you and yourself. Once you’re done, take all the skills you’ve listed for the first question.
3. Maybe use a Google sheet or Excel sheet for the last step. Write down all your different hats, responsibilities and opportunities that you wish to brand yourself for in the most left column. And now assign the values and skills that you think should be highlighted in order to get ahead for each hat/responsibility.

What we’ve done here is going away from building multiple personal brands, to simply highlighting your personality and the various strengths that will benefit each of the hats you’re wearing.

To give an example. Let’s say you’re in a job interview and people see that you’re doing a bunch of other stuff and the ask you to explain why. One way of doing is could be saying: “You know, I’m a very curious person. I like to learn and broaden my horizon, simply because I want to make sure that I stay on track with trends. I believe this strength will also benefit [this company], because this allows me to look at a problem from various angles and gives me more choices for how to solve it the best possible way.”

You don't need multiple brands (it never works & isn't authentic, because there's only ONE YOU), you only need to know which skills and strengths to highlight in what scenario.

So, let’s get to it! Share your progress and questions with me on Twitter or LinkedIn, I’ll make sure to give you feedback on it! See you there!

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