How to Build A Personal Brand



Highly effective personal branding allows you to achieve your goals in a highly effective way. And the best thing about it? Everyone can build and own a personal brand. This book tells you how. It guides you through six simple steps to creating your own and unique highly effective personal brand.

melaniegoel unique paperback personal branding 6 simple steps

What people say about 'UNIQUE':

melaniegoel unique 6 simple steps to creating a highly effective personal brand
3-months COACHING program


Get yourself a highly effective personal brand in only 3 months! In six 45min sessions, we will set goals, define your authentic values, shape your brand image, match your skills, explore what makes you unique and discover your most effective market fit. Ready?

melaniegoel unique paperback personal branding 6 simple steps


Why are some people more successful than others? Why do they achieve it all? Because they own a highly effective personal brand. This book explains in 6 simple and actionable steps how to sell your unique self, skills and full potential to the people who matter without being tacky.

what CLIENTS are saying
I am more confident about my skills and expertise now and am excited to put myself out there.
- January Edward, Product Marketing Manager, France


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I've selected 10 marketing books every founder or business owner should read at least once. There'll be a few 'obvious' choices, but also a few less famous, but nonetheless awesome and actionable books.

Case Study: How to Write a Powerful Landing Page Tagline

The landing page tagline is THE most important copy on your website. Your audience has to understand within seconds what you do, how you do it and how they will benefit from it. It should be uplifting, motivating and should spark a desire. Today, I've analyzed the landing page tagline of a German-based habit tracking app called 'Habyte'.

How to Find Your USP in 4 Steps (+ Examples of Neil Patel & Jonah Berger)

A USP determines your recognition and differentiation factor from other competitors! That USP or differentiation factor plays a big role in how you promote yourself or your product and influences your value proposition and pitch. Learn how!

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